Why I decided for the Sony PDX10p?
This very portable camcorder is able to generate
normal 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen video in broadcast quality.

  PDX10p with XLR-adapter
The sony PDX10p is a camcorder from the professional line of Sony.

Important to me was:

Some additional judgements: complete set *) I found a website with comparisson pictures of the the PDX10, PD150, TRV950 and the VX2000. I observed the pictures well and I can not see any difference in resolution between the PDX10p and the PD150 in 3:4 mode, not horizontally, not vertically.
The VX2000 and the TRV950 seem to have a little minor resolution.
The PAL versions of the PDX10p and PD150p have the advantage of 576 vertical lines instead of the NTSC 480 vertical lines. The horizontal resolution for PAl and NTSC is the same.
The sensitivity of the PD150(p) appears to be no more better as one stop.

In 16:9 mode the PDX10(p) is in all cases superior as can be seen here.

I was not intending to give a full review, but wanted to point on the reasons that did me decide for this cam, but...

I made a comparison with the TRV950 and the VX2100/PD170.