For optimal performance Windows Media videocodec 9 is used.
You need the latest (free) 'Windows Media Player ' to watch this video.

The Windows Media Player 9 Series ActiveX control supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 5.01 and later
  • Netscape 7.1
  • Netscape Navigator 4.7, Netscape Navigator 6.2, and Netscape Navigator 7
    (An Applet is needed, see Note 2)

You can download it from's multimediapage.
Macintosh users need Windows Media Player for Macintosh .

Regards, Jan Roovers




For general use I have choosen to embed the player for browsers that does not support activeXcontrol. Besides MS-Explorer (5.1 or higher) the new Netscape7.1 supports this now too.

My method is 100% compatible with the method for invoking WinMediaPlayer Series 9 if installed through Explorer or any other browser that supports activeX control, but is more general:

  • The code is friendly for WinMediaPlayer  7,  8 and  9; One of those must be installed.
  • If demanded the Videocodec 9 will be loaded automatically;
  • Works with Explorer and Netscape (<7.1: a plugin must be installed);
  • Opera uses the same plugin as Netscape.
For compatiblity issues see Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series Compatibility. But, If .asx or .wmx is used, the winMediaPlayer6 will not recognise the video. ASX and WMX are recommended for HTMl.


Problems with WinMedia Series 9 Applet  
Microsoft advices to install the winMediaPlayer with a java-applet to work under NetScape. But some problems occur under Netscape. The first release of the demanded java applet from Microsoft to play WinMedia 9 under Netscape was not fully compatible wit the (latest version of) Sun Java (that is delivered with Netscape) and causes problems.

This is also described on:; See the bottom of this page!

If you are intersted in the use of this applet, go to Microsofts page:
Using Windows Media Player with Netscape Navigator

The problem is admitted by Microsoft on:

Java Runtime Does Not Initialize the Windows Media Player 9 OCX Control in Netscape Navigator.

A fix is proposed. I have tested this fix: it works, but generates CLass loader problems when the page is refreshed or a next videoframe is invoked.
Microsoft shall correct this problem inside the applet before I can recommend this applet for general use.

Last updated: 2003-aug-22 / 21:45